Monday, April 25, 2011

The prince and the lonely giant.

There once was an ugly giant was very lonely. He had avoided being around people for a long time, because people were afraid of things they didn't understand. They were afraid because the giant was so hideous in appearance, and looked so different from them. So people would, at best, make fun of him, and at worst, they would try to kill him.

So the giant lived on top of a mountain, all alone. He loved to make music. He played the piano and the cello. And he loved to read books. He also grew a garden and learned many delicious recipes.

A prince who wanted to be a hero, had heard that a vicious, murderous giant lived on that mountain. And he climbed the mountain to confront the beast. But instead of a fearsome, violent monster, he found an unfortunate-looking giant making the most enchanting music on a cello.

The prince saw that the ugly giant had a beautiful soul. And the prince and the giant became friends, and then best friends. And then they fell in love with each other and lived happily ever after.

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