Monday, May 2, 2011

See the unicorns.

We picked up sticks we found in the woods and pretended they were magic wands. We were sorcerers, battling our way across treacherous bridges, past trolls and dragons and all sorts of fearsome beasts and monsters.

And to grown-ups who might've seen us, we were just a few kids running around the grass and through the trees.

To a grown-up, the world is a place where there are no unicorns. A tree is a tree, a house is a house.

To a child, the world is infinite opportunities. A tree could be alive, with fairies living in it, or the portal to another land. A house could be a castle, or a starship, or anything at all. And of course there are unicorns.

See the unicorns in the world. And never stop seeing, never stop make-believing.

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