Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scotch tape stories.

Scotch tape is banned in the building I work in. Why? Because it's nearly impossible to remove. It gets painted over, and becomes part of the wall.

So I make up stories about what the scotch tape once held up.

Once, I saw a paper sign that said, "Take as much as you need." And the rectangular tear-away strips at the bottom of the paper said, "Love" on them.

It was beautiful. I think about that, and I wonder if it kindled someone's heart, or touched their life in some way. Maybe they were feeling hopeless or sad, and it brightened their day. Or maybe it just made them smile. And I just think, what if the scotch tape that held it up is the only visible, tangible remnant of that? Why would we want to erase that memory?

Look at that, you get a story in your lunchbox letter today. =]

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