Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A game of chess and souls.

Once upon a time there was a traveler who met a man in black a little off the crossroads, under a tree. And the weary traveler asked the man if he might sit by him in the shade beneath the tree.

The man said, "Of course. Have a seat. Rest." And the weary traveler sat down under the tree. The man in black said, "Tell me, traveler, what is it you want most in this world?"

"I want a home, a place to stay and rest forever," said the weary traveler. "Ask a man in the desert what he wants, he'll say water. Ask a prisoner, he'll say freedom. Ask a traveler, and he will say permanence and home."

"Tell you what," said the man in black, and he pulled out a chess board from a satchel. "Let's play a game of chess. And if you win, all that you dream of will come true."

"And if I lose?" asked the weary traveler.

The man in black smiled and his eyes seemed to grow darker. "Then you lose your soul."

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