Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The greed monster.

Once upon a time there were houses for everyone. And no one was ever too cold, and no one ever froze to death in the streets. There were houses for everyone. And there was no one left out, and there was plenty of food. And everyone shared. Everyone had a place to call home.

And then one day a monster started eating all the houses and the food and even some of the people. The monster wanted everything for himself. And the people in this land had to fight, and they killed the monster. But the monster's spirit lived on and it lived inside of the spirits of the people. And people didn't want to share anymore. People didn't want everyone to be taken care of. People wanted more for themselves, and more than anyone else had, and they didn't want to share.

And the spirit of that monster lives inside of most people these days. Try to fight the greed monster. And maybe one day, everyone will be warm and safe again.

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